Chrysalis is the LOGOS-based Middle School Youth program at State College Presbyterian Church, where Matt was a youth leader for five years. He wrote songs for each of the youth in Chrysalis, because the youth were especially awesome and because every child of God deserves to be honored in song at least once.

Dagobah (Jesse)
Brooke (Brooke)
My Bonnie (Bonnie)
A Shining Star (Stephanie)
A Little Bit Longer (Lindsey)
Did You See Her Dance? (Becky)
Sam I Am (Samantha)
Everywhere You Go (Michael)
Shannon (Shannon)
Vivian (Vivian)
Where Does The Sunshine Go? (Brandy)
Linda (Linda)
Peace On Earth (Jimmy)
Julia (Julia)
You Never Make Me Blue (Megan B.)
You Don't Have To Say A Word (Matt)
Come Out And Play (Doug)
Being There (Abby)
Number One (Jen)
Figuring You Out (Susan)
She Fenced Me In (Chelsea)
The Same Old Song (Megan T.)
Supergirl (Katy)
Somebody Else's Hands (Claire)
The President (Stephanie)
Gentle Man (Chad)
Flower (Sarah)
A Song To Say It All (Beth)
Beautiful Within (Sam R.)
Beautiful Heart (Morie)
A Little Bit More (Courtney)
Enough (Clay)
Inside (Nate)
The Tie That Binds (Diana)
To Be A Man (Colin)
Stuck In The Middle (Adam)
One More Song (Kelsey)
Good Morning Glory
When I'm Famous
By Heart
Rhythm Hymn
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