A Postmodern Seminary Vocabulary

This song was written for a talent show at McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago, IL, where Matt is a student.

A special shout-out to the student body of Princeton Theological Seminary, who single-handedly busted the most-bytes-downloaded record in January 2006 by downloading (and presumably listening) to A Postmodern Seminary Vocabulary 497 times! And apparently no one wanted to listen to any other songs on the site. I really underestimated the disgruntled-seminary-student-who's-procrastinating-final-papers market. Thanks, guys! And watch out for hegemonic isogetic homiletics!

Here's what people are saying about this spectacular work:

I laughed harder than a goat on nitrous oxide!
-Greg Boettner, MTS Student
It's the same situation at Princeton Theological Seminary, except we know what "postmodern" actually means. We also don't worship a goat made out of car bumpers. Stupid McCormick students.
-Kurt Esslinger, Princeton Student
The studio version totally captures the live moment. I actually did get in a fist fight over being called "neo-orthodox" once.
-Jae Won Lee, New Testament Professor
I thought my act was better.
-Charlie Davis, MTS Student's Dog
Changed my life! No, wait...that was Oprah. But I really like this song!
-Matt Lang, MTS Student
Good Morning Glory
When I'm Famous
By Heart
Rhythm Hymn
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