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I'd Be Yours

I think I could write a book
Telling you you're beautiful
And how wonderful you look everyday.
But there is no book on earth
That could hold all of your curves
You're more beautiful than words could ever say
And if I could be your guy
I would tell you all the time
You are every girl that I've ever hoped for.
I would give away my life
If I could spend it by your side
Girl, if only you'd be mine, I'd be yours.

I could try to paint my heart
To show you everything you are
But it wouldn't even start to tell the truth.
'Cause nothing hanging on a wall
Could begin to say at all
Just how badly I have fallen for you.
You may not think I'm your type
'Cause I'm skinny, short, and shy,
But if you'd give me a try, I could show you more.
I would dance with you all night,
I'd be gentle, I'd be kind,
I would treat you so right if I were yours.

I think I could write a song
To say what I've felt for so long
'Cause I know where I belong when you're near.
But, Darling, I could never sing
To match the music that you bring
You are the sound of everything I love to hear.
Take a chance on this guy
If romance is on your mind
My heart dances every time you walk through the door.
You won't have to compromise
You won't need those other guys
You can see it in my eyes: I can love you more.
I could give you the sky,
I could teach you to fly,
I could take you out of time if I were yours.
Darling, just say you'll be mine, and I'll be yours.

©2001 Matthew Black. All Rights Reserved.

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