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The Rest Of Our Lives

Take my hand, hold me up
Give me bread, drink my cup
I fell for you and landed on my knee
Be my friend my whole life
Be my husband, be my wife
Lock me up with you and set me free
I love you but it's worse than that
You're the place I hang my hat
I fall into your arms and I'm home

It's only the rest of your life

Take this room, we'll make a home
Be together on our own
I'll make you as happy as you make me
And with our love we'll save the world
We'll bring joy to boys and girls
I can do it all if you're with me

It's only two golden rings
It's only you who makes me sing

Show me two, I'll show you one
Our old lives have just begun
When I'm with you I can't wait to grow old
I don't know why you chose me
All I know is I believe
Isn't this a holy mystery

It's only one little word
It's only you I've ever heard
It's only the rest of our lives
Only by love can we survive

©2001 Matthew Black. All Rights Reserved.

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