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Of all the roads that I have seen
That I've had the chance to take
This is not the one I would have taken
When I heard my name
I was sure there must be some mistake
But I guess I was mistaken
I swore that I would never be here
But here I am, here I am

In all my dreams I never dreamed
That this is what I was dreaming of
But this is where I've been going
I thought if I were set apart
Your love would only break my heart
But that's not what my heart's been knowing
I was blind but now I see
But what I see is blinding me
O Lord, it's hard being yours

There are some who pray for unshakable faith
But I need a faith that shakes me
So many days I can't see the road that I should take
And who knows where this one will take me
I was lost but now I'm found
And I've found I'm still turned around
O Lord, it's hard being yours

I hit the ground with the hands of all the saints upon me
Was that the world on my shoulders?
I came to town with the memory of blessings on me
But I know less as I get older
But here I stand, and I can do no other
I raise my hand and say "Amen"
O Lord, ...I'm yours.

2005 Matthew Black. All Rights Reserved.

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